When I print my bar code labels they do not line up. Why is this?

My Fashion Emporium Support
2018-06-21 09:51

First make sure that you set the printer to the following when printing the labels:

  1. Scaling: Off
  2. Media: Plain Paper
  3. Print Quality: Normal
  4. Paper Size: Letter (8 1/2 X 11in)
  5. Color Mode: Natural
  6. Orientation: Portrait

This normally happens if the printer has a problem grabbing the slick label paper. Try printing the bar codes on a blank piece of paper and see of they line up properly when held in front of a sheet of labels against the light. If they do then this is the issue. If your printer has a manual feed option, use that and that should resolve the issue. Another option is to tape a piece of regular paper to the back of the label sheet so the printer can grab the sheet better.

Attached are templates you can print to check alignment of your labels so that you do not waste your lables.

  • Avery 5163 standard 2X4 labels
  • Avery 8660 standard 1X2 5/8 labels

Attached files: Avery5163ShippingLabels.pdf, Avery8660EasyPeelAddressLabels.pdf, Avery5371BusinessCardsWide.pdf

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