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My Fashion Emporium Support
2018-02-14 15:19

The Approval/Invatation Manager is used for two party types which are My Fashion Emporium Private and My Fashion Emporium Multi-Retailer/Private parties

My Fashion Emporium Private:

When a shopper attempts to view a private sale, they will be notified that this is a private sale and they have the option to request access to the party. When they do, you will receive a notification of the request and the request will show here. You will have the option to approve or revoke/deny the request.

Check the checkbox next to the shopper and select either Approve Selected Users or Revoke Selected Users.

The columns are as follows:

  1. Date/Time: This is the date and time the request was made to join the party.
  2. Approved: This will be YES or NO indicated the approval state.
  3. Requestor: This is the shopper name.
  4. Rating: This is the average rating that has been given by other consultants. You can use this to help you determine if you wish to approve this shopper.

My Fashion Emporium Multi-Retailer:

For this type of party, use the invitation manager to send invitation to other retailers to join your party. To send the invitation you will need the retailers user name or account number.

The columns are as follows:

  1. Date/Time: This is the date and time the request was sent.
  2. Status: This shows if the consultant accepted the request. This will be Pending or Accepted.
  3. Invitation : This is the consultant name that was invited to the party.

If you change your mind and want to remove a consultant from the party, check the check box for that consultant and click the Revoke Selected Users button to revoke access.

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