Party Album Configuration Manager

My Fashion Emporium Support
2018-02-14 15:51

Use this option to configure your Multi-Retailer parties.  This option is only available if you have subscribed to the Professional Package.

  • Random Count: If you wish to limit the number of items that each retailer can add to a style, enter the maximum number of items here. This system will randomly choose up to this amount when the retailer adds their items.
  • Style Hidden: When checked, the style album will not be available in the party.
  • Mapping Allowed: If checked will allow retailers to map styles to the selected style. Useful when you have created custom style that you wish to allow retailers to map their styles the custom album.
  • Action Menu: 
    • Add Album Cover: This option allows you to have a custom album cover image for the selected style instead of the default where the system chooses up to 4 random items to display for that style.
    • Delete: Album Cover: Remove a previously custom album cover and returns the style to use the default up to 4 random items for that style
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