VOD Comment Scan

My Fashion Emporium Support
2018-03-28 09:26

VOD comment scan allows you to rescan for sold comments after a Live Video Event has finished. To request a rescan:

  1. Be sure you are logged in to Facebook
  2. Select the group where the VOD video is located.
  3. Select the VOD of the Live Video
  4. If you used a custom sold trigger for the Live Video event, enter that.
  5. Party Name: The name of the party or the Bless Party Name you wish the invoices to be placed in.
  6. Click the Add Scan Request.

You will be notified when the scan starts and when it has finished.

If you did not add a title to your Live Video event, then you will need to look up the event id in Facebook. 

  1. On Facebook, go to the group that hosted the event.
  2. Go to the videos section.
  3. Click the video you wish to scan.
  4. In the browser address bar look for the last set of long number, not the one with the "g.", this is the event ID.
  5. Look for this number in the Select VOD dropdown.
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