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2018-06-18 09:13

Use this page to create/edit a Live My Fashion Emporium Sale.  This option is only available if you have subscribed to the Gold or Platinum Package or have added the live option to your Silver Package.

  1. Party Name: This is the name of the live part.
  2. Bless Party: This option is visible to LLR Retailers that have Bless Transfer option. If you wish to send the invoices to an alternate Bless Party then what you will be naming this party, then enter the Bless Party Name you wish the invoices to be placed in.
  3. Start Time: This the time when the broadcast starts and is populated automatically.
  4. End Time: This is when the Live Sale ends (Not When The Broadcast Ends). After this time, our system will no longer allow access to the party.
  5. Time Zone: This is the time zone of the live sale.  Typically this will be your time zone.
  6. Party Type: This is the type of live party, open or private.
  7. Party Description: Optional description of the party. This is displayed in your My Fashion Emporium Party. The editor allows you to add color, formatting, images and more. 

If you plan on using external such as OBS which is available for Mac and Windows to broadcast your live steam you will need to use the RTMP Server URL and the Stream Key that will need to be entered in your broadcasting application. For OBS setup, click here.

When done, click the Add Live Sale button to add the live sale to the system. 

If you have subscribed to the Bless Features and have setup your Bless settings in your profile, the system will ask if you wish to create the party in Bless. Choosing Yes, the system will attempt to add the party to Bless and will give a result if the add was successful or not.

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