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2018-06-18 10:18

To access this page, go to the Party Manager, click the menu for the party and then select the Go Live option.

This page has multiple uses and depending on how you will be broadcasting your live video will depend on how you will use this page. My Fashion Emporium employs two different types of streaming servers. One is Web RTC and the other is for RMTP (Flash) to HLS.

If your browser supports Web RTC you will want to use this as it will give you near real-time broadcasting. Web RTC streams will be converted to HLS for browser that do not support Web RTC. HLS has a typical delay of about 6 seconds but could be more if your internet connection is poor. Our HLS server supports adaptive bitrate streaming based on internet speed allowing your viewers to view your live stream without interruption due to buffering. 

 If your browser supports Web RTC, click allow if prompted to allow access to your camera and mic. If you do not allow access to the camera and mic the page will be put in remote mode. 

If your browser does not support Web RTC or you do not have a camera and a mic on the computer the page will also be put in to remote mode.

The page will also be put in remote mode if a live broadcast is started from another computer or using broadcastings software such as OBS. You will be able to see the remote video once the remote broadcast starts. However overlays will be disabled when using remote mode.

While broadcasting you have the option of entering the item number of the item being shown. This will display the item information to the shoppers and the shopper only has to click the claim button. If you choose not to use this feature the shopper will need to enter the item number and click the claim button.

You also have the option to enter items in to the database on the fly such as during an open box event. Just hold the item in front of the camera and click the capture button. Then set the item style and size. Once you hit OK the item will added to the database and then will be displayed to the shoppers as above. Using this feature will be easier when having a helper available to do the capture and entering the item information for you.

Using the capture or entering the item number will also overlay the item information on the video as well if the Show  Overlay is checked. You can choose what color you want the overlay to be by click on the overlay color. The overlay is only available when broadcasting using the broadcasting page. 

To start broadcasting using our broadcasting page:

  1. Select your Video source, normally this will already have been populated. For device such as the IPad where there is a front and back facing cameras, be sure to select the correct camera you will be using.
  2. Select your microphone, normally this will be your default microphone.
  3. Click the Go Live button. Your video will appear when te stream has started. Click the Stop Button to stop end the broadcast.

 If you are using an external program such as OBS, click the button that starts the streaming and stop streaming buttons that are associated with the application you are using. Once the stream has started to broadcast, the video will appear also on the MFE Broadcast page.

Below is a list of event statuses that are available during an event:

  • When the broadcast starts the Broadcast Time shows how long you have been broadcastings.
  • The Showing Item is the current item number that is being shown to the viewers. This works in conjunction with the Update Display Item and Capture & Add Item feature.
  • Watchers are the number of people currently watching your live stream.
  • Claims shows the number of items that have been claimed so far during your event.
  • Tatal Sales shows the number total sales amount that has been made so far during your event

Next Item ID: If you so choose, use this option to enter the item id of the item you are about to display. Once entered click the Update Display Item to update your watchers with the item information. This shows all the pertinent information of the item such as Style, Size, Cost, Qty, and any Description you may have entered. This also will allow your viewers to simply click the Claim Button for the shown item to claim it. No need to for the watchers to memorize item numbers or write them down. 

Capture & Add Item: Use this feature to automatically add items to your inventory with an image to identify the item later. Simply hold the item in rot of the camera, click the Capture & Add Item button. A item dialog will appear with the captured image, select the item style & size and click OK. The item information will be sent to your watcher the same as the above option.

You have the ability to post responses to comments as well as read comments being posted by your watchers.

All broadcasts are recorded. Once the broadcast has ended, the system will create a playback video.

  1. The playback video can be viewed until the party end time has been reached.
  2. If you used the Display Item ID or the Capture Item options, the items will be displayed at the same times as the original broadcast allowing the watcher to simply click the Claim Button. If you did not uses this feature the watcher will need to enter the item number and click the Claim Button.
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