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2018-01-16 21:08

This page allows you to remove items that are currently listed in the selected party.

To view your items:

  1. Select the style you which to view.
  2. Select the size you wish to view.

The columns are as follows:

  1. Item: This shows an image of the time and the item id. 
  2. Action Menu: The action menu is used to perform an action on a specific item. The following can be found on this menu:
    • Sold: Select this option if you want to mark the item as sold and generate a pending sale for the item. When selected, a pop-up box will appear where you can fill out the information on who purchased the item and for how much. Once you mark the item as sold, you will need to complete the sale by going to the Pending Sales.
    • Trade: This is the same as marking an item as sold except it marks it as a trade and is used for tracking purpose.
    • Giveaway: This is the same as marking an item as sold except it marks it as a giveaway and is used for tracking purpose.
    • Lost: This marks the item as being lost and removes it from your inventory. This is used for tracking purpose.
    • Remove From Party: Removes the item from the party.
    • Cancel Listing: Removes the item from all parties and moves the item to the Unlisted Manager.
  3. Style: Shows the style if the item.
  4. Size: Shows the size of the item.
  5. Qty.: Shows how many you have. The quantity may be zero and this is because someone has claimed the item after it was added to the party.
  6. Wholesale Price: The price you paid for the item.
  7. Retail Price: This is the price you are selling the item for. 
  8. Profit: What you will make if the item is sold. Retail Price - Wholesale Price.

You can also perform group operations on multiple items. Select each item by checking the checkbox next to the item or you can use the Select All button to select all items that are currently listed. Then use one of the group operation buttons to perform the action you wish:

  1. Remove Selected Listings: This removes all selected items from the party.
  2. Remove All Listings: This will remove all items you have listed from the party.
  3. Cancel Selected Items: This will cancel the selected items and remove the item from ALL parties and mark the item as Unlisted.

NOTE: When you cancel or remove items from a party and this is a Facebook Party, the items will be removed from Facebook.

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