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2018-01-16 21:10

This page allows you to view the status of your Facebook item posts.

  • Green indicates that the item was successfully posted to Facebook.
  • Yellow indicates that the item has not posted to Facebook
  • Red indicates an attempt was made but encountered an error.

The columns are as follows:

  1. Item: This shows an image of the time and the item id. 
  2. Action Menu: The action menu is used to perform an action on a specific item. The following can be found on this menu:
    • Remove From Party: Removes the item from the party.
    • Cancel Listing: Removes the item from all parties and moves the item to the Unlisted Manager.
  3. Style: Shows the style if the item.
  4. Size: Shows the size of the item.
  5. Qty.: Shows how many you have. The quantity may be zero and this is because someone has claimed the item after it was added to the party.
  6. Facebook Album: This is the album that the ite will or has been posted in.
  7. Status: This indicates if the item has posted to Facebook or not. If there were errors, click on the Post Errors Detected link to view the errors.

NOTE: The system will only attempt to post the item to Facebook 3 times. After that the item will not be posted to Facebook.

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