How do I post my inventory to Facebook

My Fashion Emporium Support
2018-10-12 15:55

To post your items to Facebook you will need to do the following.

  1. You must add our app "My Fashion Emporium" to your group before you can upload, to do this:
    1. Go to your group (You must be an admin).
    2. Under the your cover photo, click the More button.
    3. Select Edit Group Settings.
    4. Scroll down to the Apps section and click the Add Apps button
    5. In the search bar type My Fashion Emporium.
    6. Click on the My Fashion Emporium App and then click Add in the pop-up.
  2. Insure that you have the items you want to post to Facebook have been listed. See this article.
  3. Go to the Party Menu and select Add Party
  4. Enter the Name of the party, Start Time, End Time, and select the Time Zone that the party is hosted in.
  5. For Party Type you will select Facebook VIP or Facebook Multi-Consultant depending on the type of Facebook Group this party is.
  6. Once selected you will see more option that become available.
  7. If the Facebook button says Login In, then click the Facebook button and Log In. Otherwise you will not be able to proceed.
  8. Select the Facebook Group that is hosting this party. If you do not see the group in the list then you are not an Admin for the group. If you are waiting for admin privilege, you can click the Refresh button to refresh the groups.
  9. Select the upload time you want the system to start uploading your item photos. Typically you want to do this before the party starts.
  10. Click the Add Party button to add the party. If there are no errors you will be taken to the Add Inventory Items Screen.
  11. The system will attempt to determine the album layout (Style or Style/Size). It will also attempt to match the albums for you as well. Just be sure to review the matches to insure that the selections are correct.
  12. If this is a VIP and you do not have any albums created on Facebook, then you have the option for the System to use default album covers by selecting the Create Album option. This is not available in a Multi-Consultant Sale.
  13. Click the Add Items To Party button to add the items.

Note: Items that have already been added to the party will not add again.

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