How do shoppers claim items on Facebook?

My Fashion Emporium Support
2018-10-12 17:31

Shoppers will need to comment on the item they wish to claim by commenting "sold" or "mine" or the custom sold comment that you may have entered when you created the party. If the system sees one of these statements in the comments, the system will automatically generate a pending sale in the system which you can see under the pending sales.

If one shopper has already claimed the items and another shopper also comments sold or sold next, that shopper will be placed in the sold next queue. Should the first shopper pass, then the item will be automatically assigned to the next person in line.

If a shopper decides that they do not want the item that they commented sold on, they can add another comment "Pass", when the system sees this, the system will cancel the pending sale for that item and make it available again to be claimed except in he case where another shopper also claimed the item in which case the item will be automatically assigned to the next shopper in the sold next queue.

NOTE: We can only link Facebook Users to our system if the user has our app installed on their account.

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