Ready For Invoice Questionnaire Form

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2018-01-16 20:47

When a shopper click the Ready For Invoice button, you have the option to display a Questionnair form for the shopper to fill out. The answered question will appear in your Pending Sales Page in the first column.

To create this form do the following:

  1. Go to your account menu and select the Ready Inv Form option.
  2. You will see various form fields on the right that you can add to your form. Once added you can reorder them around as you se fit.
  3. Once added, click the edit button in the upper right hand corner. Each field will have their own edit button.
  4. In the field editor you can change the properties of the field. Depending on what field you have selected will depend on what properties are available:
    • Reqired: Check this option to force the user to select/enter the information
    • Label: This is what the label will be for the element that the shopper sees. e.g. Delivery Method:
    • Help Text: Text displayed to give instructions for the shopper should do with this field
    • Name: This is a short name for the field such as shipping. This will be displayed as your question name when displayed on your Pending Sales Page.
    • Options: Some fields have selection options for the shopper to select from. The first option field is what is displayed to the shopper and the second option field is what you will see as the responce to the selected option.
    • Place Holder: You can give a short description here or default value. This is shown as a grayed out and will clear once the user starts entering information.
    • Value: This is the default value of the field.
    • Text Area Type: You have several options as to the text editor to use:
      • Text Area: No editor
      • Tiny Mce: Full Text Editor.
      • Quill: Basic Text Editor
  5. Once you have completed editing your fields, click the Save button to save your form.

Note: You can only have a questionnaire form or a Ready For Invoice Message. Switching between the two option clears out the other.


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