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2018-06-30 09:12

The Misc. Settings menu takes you to your Misc. Settings page that contains settings that are not related to your standard profile.


If you have a stamps.com account, you can enter your login credentials here so that you can get and print labels right from our system. You will also be able to add postage as you need to as well.

To setup stamps:

  1. Enter your stamps user name and password.
  2. Click the Test Stamps.com to insure you can access the Stamps.com Servers.
  3. Set your label type. If you have a 4x6 label printer, set this to 4x6.
  4. If you want to have the system automatically make a journal entry for your postage purchases in your financials, select your Bank Account and Chart Of Account, this typically will be Shipping::USPS Postage - Expense.
  5. Click Enable Shipping to enable this option.

You can create a label by simply clicking on the truck icon which is located next to the address of the shopper on the Pending Sales page.


If you have a Shippo account, you can use it to print shipping labels from My Fashion Emporium.

To setup Shippo:

  1. Access your shippo account and click the API link on the left.
  2. Copy the access token.
    • Use the Live Token when you are ready print labels that can be used for shipping.
    • User the Test token to pint test labels, you are not charged for these labels.
  3. On the Misc. Settings, paste the token in the Shippo Access Token Field.
  4. Click the Test Shippo Access button to insure the system can access your account.
  5. Click enable Shippo Shipping
  6. Click Save Settings

You can create a label by simply clicking on the truck icon which is located next to the address of the shopper on the Pending Sales page.

Shipping Easy:

If you have a shipping Easy account, you can send your orders to your Shipping Easy account and then print your shipping labels from there.

To setup Shipping Easy:

  1. Log in to your Shipping Easy Dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings Menu Option
  3. Click Account Details
  4. Click API Credentials on the left
  5. Copy the API Key and paste it in the Misc. Settings Page in the Shipping Easy API Key.
  6. Copy the API Secret and paste it the Misc. Settings Page in the Shipping Easy API Secret.
  7. Click the settings again in your Shipping Easy dashboard.
  8. Under the integration section, click on the Stores and Orders.
  9. Click Add New
  10. For the platform select ShippingEasy API.
  11. Enter www.myfashionemporium for the store URL.
  12. Go to the API section and enter /api/shippingeasy.php for the shipment callback path.
  13. Click Save. This will take you back your stores.
  14. Under the My Fashion Emporium store, copy the Store API Key.
  15. Paste the Store API Key in the Misc. Settings Page in the Shipping Easy Store API Secret.
  16. Click the Test Shipping Easy button to insure everything is working.
  17. Click the Enable Shipping Easy
  18. Click Save Settings.

You can send your order to Shipping Easy by simply clicking on the truck icon which is located next to the address of the shopper on the Pending Sales page.

Some things to note:

  1. Currently only domestic shipping is supported. You will have to use the stamps.com web portal or application to do International shipping.
  2. Label postage is hidden and will not be printed on the labels.
  3. If you need to get a refund or cancel a shipment, you will need to do this through the Stamps.com web portal or application.
  4. All transactions are stored on the Stamps.com servers and you can run reports, track shipments from their web portal or application.
  5. Tracking information is made available to the shoppers in the shopper portal and from completed sales for retailers.
  6. Be sure to allow pop-ups or your shipping label will be charged but not shown since it will open in a separate browser window. Click here to check/change your browser pop-up permissions.

SMS Subscription

In this section you can configure SMS Subscription Services to allow your customers to sign up to receive SMS Text Messages from you using their mobile phones. To setup this feature:

  1. Enter the SMS Subscription ID you wish to use. This should be something short and identify you or your business. This is what your customers will use when subscribing/unsubscribing to your SMS Text Messages.
  2. Click the Enable SMS Subscriptions.

Once you have this done, you can tell your customers if they want to subscribe to your SMS Text Messages they can send subscribe <Your SMS Subscription ID> to (854) 777-0603 to subscribe or use the provided SMS sign up link to have your customers signup via the SMS Sign Up Page.


Here you will find various options to set how the system will handle these options.

  • Allow shoppers to see the punches available from you: If checked, shoppers will see how many punches you have given them in the shopper portal. Below is additional information that will be displayed to the shopper.
    • Gift received at: The number of punches required before they are given a gift.
    • Gift to be given: This is what the gift is once the above punches has been reached
  • Allow shoppers to see the bonus bucks you have given them: Checking this options will display the amount of bonus bucks you have issued to a shopper.
  • Do not give punches on discounted items: When checked the system will not give a punch on discounted items. This is on a per item discount and not a over all discount. System considers an item discount when the item sold price is less than the listed items retail/map price.
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