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2018-01-16 21:41

You write checks when you want to create a account entry in one of your bank accounts, typically used when you spend money from your account.

To correctly fill out a check do the following:

  1. Select the bank account that you are writing the check from. This will be already selected if you selected Write Check from the account register.
  2. Optional check number
  3. Date of the purchase/expense
  4. Enter the name of the person/store/company for the transaction.
    • Auto fill is available for previously used vendors/people.
    • If you select a vendor/person from the auto fill, the system will recall the last amount and account used and fill this in for you. Be sure to verify that the correct account is being used for this transaction.
    • If you have entered a new vendor/person you will be asked if you wish to add them to your vendor list. If you select Quick Add the vendor/person name is just added to the list. If you want to add more details such as address, you will need to select the setup option to enter the additional information.
  5. Enter the total amount of the check.
  6. Enter an optional memo to describe the reason for the check

Once you have filled out the main portion of the check you will need to enter the line item amounts. This could be be one or more line item. For example if you went to Office Depot and purchased paper for a printer and also purchased shipping labels you could have two line items for this check. One for Office Supplies and the other for Shipping Supplies. The amounts for these two line items would equal the amount of the check.

To add your line items:

  1. Click the big + to add a line entry.
  2. Under account, select the account associated with this line item. Typically this would be an expense account. In the example given you would choose Office Supplies for the first line item and then add a second for Shipping supplies. If you were charged a sales tax and a line item for that as well selecting the account you are using to track the sales tax you were charged on items.
  3. Enter the amount for the line item.
  4. Add an optional memo/not for the line item.
  5. Click on the green check or the green + on the editing line to save/update the line item information.
  6. To add more additional line items, use the green line entry row and repeat 2 - 5.

When done, click Save close/new to record your transaction.

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