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2018-03-23 08:28

The Facebook mobile app has difficulty in displaying large album lists. Some retailers create a separate list that includes links to the albums and upload this file to their group. Then they have a link to the file in their group post for users that are having issues display all the albums to use the links in the file to get to the albums.

To create a link list:

  1. Be sure all your albums have been created in your group.
  2. Go to Sales->Facebook->Album Themes->Create Album Link File
  3. Be sure you are logged in to Facebook and you are an admin of the group you are creating the list for.
  4. Select the group that you will be creating the list for
  5. Click export.
  6. Save the file, this normally by default will be in your download folder.
  7. Locate the file and upload the file to your files section of the group
  8. Create a link to the file on your main group page.
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