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2018-03-27 14:23

Use the SMS Manger to view, edit, add, and import SMS recipients as well as view the status of your SMS Messages.


Adding: To add a new entry click the Add Number button. Be sure you have been given permission from the mobile user to add their number and that you have verified that the number belongs to the intended subscriber. Sending unsolicited SMS messages can get you a bad reputation.

Editing: You can only edit First/Last names of non-favorite entries. You can only edit the mobile numbers of manual and imported entries.

Deleting: You can only delete entries that are not added by favorites.

Importing SMS Numbers: You can import a list of numbers using a csv file. 

  • The import file must have at least one column that contains the mobile number with an option of one to two more columns that contains full name or first and last name. The order of the 1-3 colums does not matter as you will tell the system what is in each of the first 3 columns when you do the import.
  • You may need to open the file in Excel to change the columns around so that the mobile number and the optional names are located within the first three columns .
  • If you have xls file, you will need to open the file using excel and then save it as a csv file.

When you are ready to import your file, click the Import button on the bottom left of the SMS Manager.

  1. For each of the 3 column drop downs, choose what is in that column. At a minimum the first column has to contain the mobile number if the other columns are not used.
  2. Click the browse button to select the file you wish to import.
  3. If the first row of your input file contains the column names then the First Line Contains Header must be checked.
  4. Click import to start the import.

This system will validate all your data before importing and if an error occurs, you will be notified what row and column. You will need to fix the error prior to trying the import again.

Be sure to verify your imported data to insure the data imported correctly and fix any issues before you start sending SMS messages.

Scheduled SMS Messages:

In this section you will find all your scheduled SMS Messages and their status.

  • Schedule Name: This is the Message ID that was entered when the SMS was created.
  • Send At: This is the schedule time the message will start sending the SMS messages. This time is shown in your local time zone.
  • Sent Status: If the SMS message has been sent and the date/time it completed sending all the SMS messages.
  • Msgs. Sent: This is the number of SMS destination that the SMS messages was delivered to.
  • Action: The action menu allows you two options, Edit and Delete the selected SMS Message.

Use the New SMS Message button to create a new SMS Text Message

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