I am having issues viewing live streaming video.

My Fashion Emporium Support
2018-06-15 19:03

You may have issues viewing live videos if you have an older browser. To view live videos your browser must support HTML5 which main stream browser currently support.

With support for flash dwindling, MFE employs two different streaming technologies. We use WebRTC and HLS. WebRTC is the new and upcoming streaming for live and delays are very minimal where HLS has a typical delay of about 6 seconds but could be more depending if you are using a poor network connection.

If the retailer is using our web broadcasting page, WebRTC will be used with HLS as a fallback for browsers that do not support WebRTC. If the retailer uses a flash based broadcasting application, then only HLS will be available.

Unfortunately depending on the device and browser combination you are using you will get various results. Below are some suggestion and recommendations.

  1. For Windows desktop computers, both Chrome and Firefox will work with no problems and both WebRTC and HLS fallback is supported. IE does not support WebRTC and will fall back to HLS.
  2. On IOS devices it is recommended to use the Safari browser for live broadcast as this browser supports WebRTC as of IOS 11. You can use Chrome but currently WebRTC is not supported in Chrome for IOS. The Chrome browser will fall back to use HLS.
  3. On Android devices, Chrome and Firefox support WebRTC. However Chrome may have issues with HLS on some versions of Android in which case you may want to use Firefox instead.
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