My Fashion Emporium is dedicated in providing the best suite of tools for Agnes & Dora retailers by making it easier to connect with your customers, give the shopping experience the reseller feels is right for their business, and easily manage your photos and sales.

     Retailers, your first 30 days are free. Please see our pricing and features to see what packages are available and what features they provide. (No Credit Card Required To Sign-Up) Click here to read about our story.

Photo Managment

     One of the main functions of My Fashion Emporium is to keep track of all your Agnes & Dora inventory using our photo management system. This allows you to know exactly what you have in-stock and what items are listed in your various direct sales parties.
Upload your item photo by Style or Style/Size
Enter duplicates items by quantities (No need for duplicate photos)
Create outfits by assigning associated inventory items to your outfit
Print bar codes for your items for easy tracking
Easily do inventory audits (bar code scanner supported)
View inventory reports
Create custom styles and sizes
Track items that you have givenaway, traded, or lost

Facebook Social Media Sales

     Easily upload your Agnes & Dora items to Facebook direct sales groups.
Receive notifications when somone comments on your items
Enjoy automated pending sales invoices on a sold comment triggers
The system can monitor live events for sold comments and generate new pending sales orders automatically for you.
Schedule uploads to Facebook
Schedule post to Facebook groups and events to keep your customers engaged
Create album themes to easily switch up your album covers

Online Direct Sales

     Easily create direct sales parties and have all your Agnes & Dora inventory online for customers to start shopping in minutes by simply giving them a link to your party.
Private Parties: only customers that you allow access will see your       Agnes & Dora items
Public Parties: anyone can view your Agnes & Dora items
Multi-Retailer sales: multiple retailers can list their Agnes & Dora items in the same party
Window shopping: allows customers to browse your Agnes & Dora items prior to the party opening

Direct Sales Features

     Below are some highlighted features of My Fashion Emporium that will help you manage your Agnes & Dora sales.
All sales are tracked from all your parties so you know what item was sold in what party
You get notifications from all comments including comments from Facebook
Receive your notification on your phone through our SMS Messaging feature
Send SMS Notifications to your customers to keep them informed of specials or upcoming events
The Point of Sale System allows you to easily create enter sales from in-home parties or slaes events
Accept credit cards using one of our supported payment processors
Use Shopper Ratings to rate shoppers so other retailers can stay informed of their expireance with a shopper
Virtual Punch Cards, used for loyalty rewards
Bounus Bucks, use for rewards and discounts on future purchases.
Tme Zone friendly. All times are shown in customers local time zone

Shopper Portal

     My Fashion Emporium has also added many features for your shoppers so that they have a good expireance shopping with you.
See status of recent claims
See current and upcomming parties of favorite consultants
Monitoring of liked items, allows shopper to see if items that they have liked are still available
Retailer Search allows shoppers to search for retailers by name or zip code
Item search allows shoppers to search for specific prints from retailers that are currently having parties
Receive text notifications from favorite retailers


     Make tax time a breeze by tracking all your sales and expenses easily. We have setup chart of accounts already for you spacifically geared for you in mind.
Create your own account and sub-accounts to easily create categories for tracking
Track income, expenses, bank, loan, credit card, equity, assets, and more
Track your sales tax liabilty and payments using the sales tax account
View Profit and Loss reports
View Balance Sheet reports


     No need to use multiple systems for invoicing and payments. This can all be done using My Fashion Emporium.
Easily send invoices to your customers with a click of a button.
Customers pay using credit card or Paypal (depending on your setup)
Select from multiple processors to process your payment transactions (Braintree, Square, PayPal Express Checkout, and Sage Payment Gateway)
Get notifications when a customers pays thier invoice
Invoices are automatically marked payed when customers pays their invoice.
Simplify your Agnes & Dora clothing business
My Fashion Emporium For Agnes & Dora
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