Plan Price Per Month Item Limit Options Included Options Available SMS Included
Bronze 14.95 1-750 AP,TM Bless, Merchant None
Silver 24.95 1-1500 AP,TM,Bless or Merchant LS,MS,PS,
Gold 39.95 No Limit AP,TM,PS,LS, Bless Or Merchant MS,SMS 500
Platinum 49.95 No Limit AP,TM,PS,LS,MS, Bless Or Merchant Bless or Merchant No Limit
Option Short Name Price Description
Auto Posts AP 1.95 Schedule post to your Facebook Group or Facebook event
Theme Manager TM 1.95 Keep your Facebook Album covers grouped in themes.
Bless Integration Bless 4.95 Send invoices through Bless with a click of a button. (This option is only available for LLR retailers)
Merchant Integration Merchant 4.95 Send invoices and accept credit cards payments through one of our supported merchant providers.
Pro Party Sales PS 4.95 Configure your MFE Parties with custom album covers, choose visible albums, or randomly add items.
Multi-Retailer Party Sales MS See Pricing Below Host Multi-Retailer MFE Parties
Live Sales LS 24.95 MFE will monitor your Facebook live sale and create pending sales invoice for items sold.
SMS Text Messaging SMS 4.95 Unlimited sending and receiving of text notifications
Package Pricing
Silver Up to 25 retailers: 9.95
Up to 50 retailers: 14.95
Unlimited Retailers: 19.95
Gold Up to 50 retailers: 9.95
Unlimited Retailers: 14.95
     If you like to view the feature comparison chart, click here.

     We understand that every retailer runs an individualized business. With individualized business we know and respect that a one size fits all package my not be suitable for every retailer. We have worked hard to create various packages in our best effort to cover retailers of all levels.

     For plans that include the Bless Transfers or the Merchant Account, Bless Transfers will be automatically added for LLR retailers with the option to add the Merchant Account if selling other products along with LLR. For Non-LLR retailers the Merchant Account will be automatically be added.

     Any feedback on plans or features are welcome.
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